Coaching & Training

I provide coaching for a variety of sports, in particular swimming where I have worked with a wide variety of individuals, from recreational swimmers looking to improve to potential Olympic hopefuls.

For each client I develop an individual program specifically designed for them. I ensure that I understand the client’s aims and what they really want to achieve. We work together on building towards their goal, monitoring progress and developing key areas such as technique or endurance.

I love enabling clients to fulfil their ambitions, seeing them pass the finishing line after all the dedication and hard work is fantastic. Below is some feedback from some of the customers I have recently worked with.

I am a keen outdoor swimmer and trained a couple of times a week with my local Triathlon club. I decided at the end of the season that I wanted to work on improving my swimming further and take part in some outdoor swimming races. I had never swum competitively or been a club swimmer so my skill level was quite poor. Over the last year I have been working with Josh to develop my technique, improve my speed and increase my swim fitness. He has been an excellent all round coach. He has helped me with my technique stage by stage, working on the big issues first then narrowing things down to the detail. He has kept the training varied and interesting with regular progress tests so we can see how things are moving along. Outside the pool Josh has also provided guidance on strength conditioning and stretching, all with the aim of helping me progress with my swimming. Josh is a great coach and motivator, always ready with a laugh. I am so pleased with my progress and look forward to seeing my times tumble further. If you are looking for a great coach, I would highly recommend Josh as your first point of call, you will not regret it.

Jeremy, Triathlete

I am currently training towards becoming a professional stunt performer and as such have to satisfy certain qualifications, one of which is swimming. I have used Josh as my trainer for a year now to improve my technique, to improve my overall fitness and to work on very specific tasks such as improving my speed, underwater swimming and general swim fitness. Josh has provided me with a personal coaching plan working across all four swimming strokes to improve every aspect of my swimming. He has freely given advice on exercises to perform outside of training time and has never failed to provide well thought out, well prepared sessions with good variation to keep the interest but always with my goals in mind. I cannot thank Josh enough for the help and training he has provided. He has always been friendly and supportive and addressed my individual needs, even ammending sessions on the day to best utilise our time and work around injuries. My goals are nearly within reach now and the improvements I have made because of his help and dedication have been outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Josh to anyone wishing to improve themselves and could not be where I am without him.

Chris, Trainee Stuntman

A rush of blood to the head one Christmas meant that I thought swimming the English Channel would be a great idea. The easy part was paying the pilot boat deposit and booking the date of the swim in nine months time. The difficult part was working out how I went about getting my body and mind ready to do what only 800 people had done before and where the success rate was less than 40%. That's where Josh came in. He was my training coach, motivator and masseur. Within nine months with his help, I had completed my six hour qualification swim, put on the nearly three stone in weight needed to survive the cold and use as fuel on the crossing and got the right mindset to complete the swim. It is one thing to do the training and get in the water at Dover, quite another to overcome the difficulties in the middle of the Channel. Through out the months leading up to the swim he was friendly, firm when he had to be and motivating when I needed it.

Dave, Channel Swimmer

Having a treatment from Josh is liking going to see a good friend, he is very friendly welcoming and he instantly makes you feel at ease.