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Sports Massage is a natural therapy that employs a number of techniques to massage and manipulate the body's soft tissue, helping with many musculoskeletal problems. It is generally applied at a deep level to manipulate muscle tissue more effectively. Some techniques (not all) may border on the uncomfortable. However, in certain situations such as pre and post event treatments the massage will typically be much lighter to either stimulate, relax or aid recovery.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage Therapy?

  • Helps prevent injury
  • Speeds up the body's recovery from injury
  • Assists in enhancing performance
  • Can help to correct postural imbalances
  • Generally relieves stress, aches and pains through relaxation

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Customer Feedback:

'Having a treatment from Josh is liking going to see a good friend, he is very friendly welcoming and he instantly makes you feel at ease.' more

'Josh has been a fantastic help with recovering from my injuries both physically and mentally :)' more

'Fantastic session everytime with Josh...' more

'Will definately be attening on a regular basis and would recomend to anyone that's got aches and pain...' more

'I have benefitted hugely from my visits to JBC Sports Therapy, massive help to my back, my legs, my shoulders....' more