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Holistic Massages from JBC Sports Therapy

A Holistic Massage is the movement and manipulation of the muscles and soft body tissues. The hands, thumbs, fingers and sometimes even the elbows are used by the therapist to apply pressure to the muscles of the body to help general aches and pains and help you relax and allow muscles to unwind.

Benefits of Holistic Massage:

Holistic Massage has a number of effects on the body:

  • Improves circulation of blood and vital nutrients in the body
  • Helps to reduce stiffness and immobility around joints
  • Improve muscle flexibility and tone
  • Reduces any strain on the joints and bones and improves posture
  • Helps to release tension
  • Reduces stress and increases relaxation
  • Encourages a more efficient digestion
  • Reduces blood pressure and increase energy levels

Customer Feedback:

'Having a treatment from Josh is liking going to see a good friend, he is very friendly welcoming and he instantly makes you feel at ease.' more

'Josh has been a fantastic help with recovering from my injuries both physically and mentally :)' more

'Fantastic session everytime with Josh...' more

'Will definately be attening on a regular basis and would recomend to anyone that's got aches and pain...' more

'I have benefitted hugely from my visits to JBC Sports Therapy, massive help to my back, my legs, my shoulders....' more